Friday, May 25, 2012

Life, everyday Living & Lot's of New things - -

         I can't believe it has been a year since I have posted to my blog.  But things like family,  car problems & an car accident, along with some health problems had taken their time from my quilting and teaching. 
        But  hopefully things are back on even ground, (fingers & toes crossed!!)

     First things first,   I am part of a Row Round  Robin Quilt on  -  Patchwork Posse   -  web site     -    then follow  the    round black  circle in the blue box,  that says  Patchwork Posse Round Robin.  It will take you to the page with the rows published so far.  Mine will be the last one, for now, I think!!!!! 

      I was having trouble getting onto the Patchwork Posse's Round Robing ( still can't get on)  becuase I am not the best there is when it comes to computers.     I get stressed out !!!!   But the theme for this round robin, was    "Summer Picnic" .    And when I think of summer picnics,   the 1st thing that   pops into my mind, is   the  "Memorial Day"  and "  4th of July "    picnics, that were so very important while growing up and to all military familys world wide,   they still are.  
     But the flag is also part of this country's and our history and what it stands for.   So I was playing around with a square just drawing lines to sort of show enlisted strips  and the next thing I had this block.
     Then when I had the blocks made up in fabric, before sewing together for the round robin row, I started playing with the layout. 
     And here is what I came  up with - -   a block that I call -  "Twisted Star "   So I hope you have fun with it after you  finish  your   "Round Robin Row Quilt ".
     The first  picutre shows how you can use the block as a border and  the second picture shows what you can do with four (4) blocks   joined together. 


for the border 

            for when you join four (4) blocks together to form a lager block.    YOu will come up with an optical illusion top .   I would love to see pictures of any quilts made for my design.   

       Well, all,   it has taken me a little while to figure out this blog again, so I will close for now, and will post some new classes I have designed  with pictures, soon. 

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