Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And the WINNER (s) IS !!!!!

         Good morning or should I  say, good afternoon, because by the time I get this finished, it will be afternoon. 

        When I got home Sunday afternoon, and I got everything unpacked and had time to rest  before  I checked my email.  And,   I was so surprised,  to find my email box, so full of comments.  And, I will answer each and every email, just give me time  to get though them all.  And I really appreciate that y'all like my block.  I,  thank you !!  But I hope to see some pictures coming my way of wall hangings, table runners, pillows and quilts made from the block.
      I am also, glad to see that y'all have gotten your imaginations going after reading that I suggested you,  use flowers you like.  One lady even said she was going to use birds instead of flowers  - -  I am waiting to see pictures of that piece !!!!!!

    But,  I wrote all the names down ( really cut and pasted)  and then my granddaughter pulled the names, luckily she didn't have school yesterday. And thank y'all for the comments about your gratitude for serving this country.  Back on track !!!!    Any way, my granddaughter pulled two names, and I did not have the heart to put the second name back in the hat.

     So the WINNER for the magazine from Quiltmaker's is  - - - -

     Vivian   - - -   sweetlildaisy5566,      from NC       and the second   name that was pulled is  -   Jodi   - - -  usairdoll,    Not sure where  Jodi is from.   But I hope these ladies, both enjoy the magazine and will send me pictures of their finished quilt pieces.    So if you read this before your email, please get in touch with me by email.  .

    I am  still not the best on computers, but still learning when I have the time, And I promise to try to post more often.  I want to try for once a week, but sometimes that will not happen espeically if I am out of town teaching someplace. 

      Have fun quilting  and hopefully I will hear from some of y'all !!!!!


  1. Thank you, Thank you, I am very excited. I have many quilts planned already. Vivian

  2. Congratulations to Vivian and Jodi!