Monday, May 23, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness & QuiltArt list

Hi all,

    In the years since I joined the "QuiltArt" list ( ) there have been a whole lot of time and energy put into raising funds and awareness about all types of Cancers.  And  there was always a large turn out of participates to make things and help raise money the best way we know how - - making Quilted items .  
    Well, one of the members of the Quiltart list
asked for help in getting photos of Breast
Cancer survivors for a  project  she was
doing to help raise the awareness, in her
 area & country of Canada.   I am sorry
 to say, not as many responded  to
Shawna's asking for help.   But she
proceeded anyway.  Here is the result
of her project - -  a wonderful wall
 hanging --   which I am proud to
 be a part of.    If you would like to see
more of Shawna's work, then visit her at -

  And don't forget, that I will have a big announcement a few days before the end of the month - -  will give you a hint --  a friend is going
to be celebrating !!!!!!

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  1. this is a wonderful post. Thanks Cindy. I am so glad that you were brave enough to send in your image.

    Shawna Lampi-Legaree