Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday after Mothter's Day

        I  Hope all had a very enjoyable and nice Mother's Day yesterday.   I did, my husband fixed dinner and I got flowers and a cord.  The ut flowers are not lasting as long as they used too.  And I now see why, most of  our mothers wanted flower plants instaed of cut flowers.
 I am beginning to feel that way also.                            
But the other kind of flower that we , quilters , also
 like  are the ones we do wall hangings of.  Here is
one for y'all to enjoy,  it was done in a phone cahin
       And I was and still am  a little sad from yesterday. 
This was the 1st Mother's Day since my mother
 passed  away. The other sad thing was that for
 about 4 years prior  my mother didn't know any
 of us before she  passed away.
    They say it gets earsier, but you never forget. 
 So for  those of y'all who still have your mothers ,
 enjoy them,   either visit or talk to them as much
as you can. 


  1. Your little quilt is beautiful. I know how you feel. I lost my Mom 5 years ago. It is always hard on Mothers Day. Hugs

  2. Your quilt is beautiful...and my mother has a beautiful bougavilla plant in pink that she loves...I set it out Saturday for her after we went to lunch.