Monday, May 30, 2011

Honoring our Military

Hi All,

    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.   I spent time remembering  all the family members on both  sides of the families who served in the military down to and including both myself (oldest) and my brother (youngest).  I had uncles on both Mom's and Dad's side that served if only their 3 or 4 years, and then I also had  other uncles that went to be  "Lifers"  as the military calls them.
   My husband's father also served his time in the military.
 My husband hadn't planned to join but Vietnam
 happened so, he  served his time.  He came
back from Nam and we met when we both got
stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. 
 My husband spent his time of 27 years in the U S

  While we were stationed in Okinawa, in the mid 80's the Statue of Liberty was having  a birthday of sorts.  A museum in NYC,  had a quilting contest in celebration.      I designed my quilt to include the branches of the military  on Okinawa  and   also used a design to represent the Native American hertiage we both have and also for those who served in the military.

    I cam in as one of the  104 semi - finalist 
world-wide, with my quilt.  But I did not make it
into the 52 finalist - that were the final  winners.

   But I consider myself  very fortunate, to be in the semi-finalist group.  The quilt also serves as rembernace for all our family members who ere in the military. 

   And we are approaching the deadline of I June  for comments and to win a free member ship for Benita's web site - -  

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